Friday, June 11, 2021

vfrizzo using Windows Vista!

Just messing around on Windows Vista...

I got it to work on VMware Player! Remember my Windows XP video? These were old times.

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

IN DEVELOPMENT - Find The Exit 5

To cheer up the 2° anniversary of Find The Exit 4, today I'm announcing that Find The Exit 5 is still in development and I gonna give you all some screenshots and details.
Title Screen (by now)

The thing that makes Find The Exit 5 distinct from the another games is that you will use a gun in the game to kill enemies!

Help Menu

In this game, the controls changed. Now you use WSAD to move, instead of the arrows, and now that you have a gun, you use the left mouse button to shoot.

Credits Page (will be improved)

I'm thinking to do 2 versions of the game when I publish it: 
- One uncensored version, with copyrighted earraped songs and more humoristic, to launch here; 
- Do a Developer's Cut, with MIDIS and more quality to post on Game Jolt.

Empty level of the game

Well, the game's development is at its beginning, but I got already some things made and now I just need to do the most important thing of the game: the level.
This time, all the walls and enemies will be placed by me, differently from the other games. A new feature that this game will have to is a life bar, similar to the one I made on 10 Rooms.
All Find The Exit games were based in the "fps6" tutorial that comes with Game Maker 8.1. This game will not be made on GM: Studio because I couldn't import the GM 8.1 Project successfully.

The game is without a launch date, so y'all you need to wait my progress. But this time, I'll try to do my best and finish this game.

Thank you for reading!